Awakening: shedding my Serpent skin

My whole being is in constant awakening.

Awakening from my night-dreams and nightmares. First layer. Transitioning from previous lives. Opening my eyes to the mundane world, in gratitude for a new beginning, a new day. Awakening in my body to the cold wind of a winter morning in Michigami. Awakening to the land as she holds me and welcomes me for awakening with her. She tells me that with healing myself, she heals.

Awakening in movement, as soon as my feet touch the ground, icy snow is a memory of the current season. Awakening as my head rises up noticing daylight with purple-ish colors in the sky. My eyes are awakening at the dazzling Mama Luna. She is at her fullest cycle. A smile forms in my face because she controls my transitions and not the other way around. I’m in love with her, she knows me, I know her. We are bound to this universe.

Awakening in my body internally. Today a new cycle in my womb begins. This is my spell. Renacer. The blood of my womb connects me with my roots. There is healing in knowing where i come from, where i am, where my needs are calling me to go. Renanciendo voy. Renanciendo estoy.

When getting out of the bus, I saw toward my horizon the sunrise. Awakening in me the smiles and laughter of my lineage. They are HOME. I carry home with me. It is the bravest and safest space, inside.

Awakening to bodily sensations. The impact of thoughts, in turn, can dissolve or transform into words. The power of verbalizing. Words have meaning in their content, words can be transformative, powerful. Awakening to communicating peacefully with my inner being. Choosing to embrace a different way of being. Choosing my humanist self. Letting go. I am not my thoughts. I am not my behavior. I am expansive and can always do better.

Awakening to the smells of virgin coconut oil melting in my body as a moisturizer, hum, this smell reminds me of the tropical salty hot humid ocean wind. Deliciousness.

Awakening to black coffee. Perfectly prepared in a jarrilla. Salvadoran coffee. Sipping from my mug as if my grandma, mama, sisters, and niblings are standing right next to me. In my memories, grandma holds her taza de barro filled with warm coffee and drinks from it while taking a sunbath. Our life elíxir. Together we take the sun-love in. Natural vitamin for our emotional stability. That reminds me of taking multivitamins here now to prevent seasonal affective mood changes.

Awakening in my intentional breath. Inhalar. Exhalar. Respirar. One more time. Awakening as I fill my belly with love in every mindful breath. Awakening in liberation.

Awakening to the seasons. Winter is getting shorter. Spring is coming. As I swim, my whole being enlightens in gratitude for the pain in my womb, the pain in my knees, the feelings of freedom while floating in the waters. Gratitude for the privilege to be here, alive. Gratitude for the awakening of many ongoing layers. Gratitude for the uncertainty of what is coming. Gratitude for my collectives. Gratitude for the power of writing all these words. Gratitude for awakening to make this world a more joyful place. Gratitude in acceptance of the new life.

Gratitud en Renacer.

How are you all my global community awakening within?

What are some ways in which you are allowing yourselves to shed and re-earth?


Copyright © 2020-2021, Erika Murcia | All Rights Reserved

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