FULL MOON Winter Solstice: Touching the Sacred Waters while Cleansing my Soul Rituals

At the Atlantic Sea Waters I begun my Peregrinaje Sagrado of 2021

How have I navigated the Sacred Waters since the Winter of 2020?

How do I give myself permission to TOUCH my most Profound Waters?

On the first New Moon of 2020, I committed again to the ritual of swimming simply for pure joy. Don’t get me wrong. I float. I love being in the waters. My only purpose was to reconnect with my child-self who used to dance in the rain growing up, the Being that loved splashing water while being bathed in a huacal. My very early memories are filled with a profound connection with the Sacred Waters.

Then the global PAUSE began [aka pandemic], so again I had to PAUSE my joyful swimming ritual. We as an Interdependent human family had to PAUSE.

The waters speak to me, it has spirit, it absorbs in the energy of those who enter them, so being inside a lake, a pool, a bath, La Mar, is such a vulnerable space. It is an act of love choosing to listen to my Soul and her most profound truths.

I could give so many excuses, reasons, and stories of why I stopped practicing this beautiful ritual before 2020:

  • I was too busy with life’s processes…
  • I fell into the toxic patterns of living in a globalized capitalist society’s projection that one needs to be “productive enough” to be “deserving enough” of rituals…
  • I was conditioned to accept limiting beliefs rooted in scarcity…

For years, especially in the Winter Season, the Darkest days of the year, these limiting beliefs showed up embodied in storytelling such as to why would I wake up that early if it is so cold? Do I have the money for it? Do I actually want to spend many hours of my day preparing and doing one activity when I could be more productive? Am I fit enough to wear a swimsuit?

The irony of these questions falls in fact, that in order for me to be more connected in body, mind, and Spirit from a creative and joyful place, PRIORITIZING the ritual of swimming and movement takes me to be the most aware and present in the here and now. 

The Sacred Waters that inhabit Mother Earth’s womb, que nacen de la Abuela Montaña, the Wetness of my Soul remind me to flow in the Spiral ways. The Sacred Waters reminds us that we are manantiales, that individually and collectively we have an interdependent rhythm. The global PAUSE invited me to review my plans rooted in toxic masculinity. It presented me with the Sacredness of Darkness, the Sacred Death.

How to expand my water rituals at-home practice? How do I embody joy through Touching the Waters of my Soul? How do I embody sacred movement within the confinements of four walls? I am deeply grateful to my body for teaching me how to tend to my needs coming from a place of movement. I observe my emotions, my feelings are Sacred.

A few intentions:

  • I want to live chronic pain-free.
  • I want to ritualize movement, so it works to tend to my Body’s needs.
  • I want to navigate the waters of life with an expansive perspective.

Movement practices with a focus on restoring the Body-Soul have been a great embodied medicine. Combining conscious breath, meditation, and movement has supported me in releasing much of the transgenerational conditioning within.

Offering Gratitud for all the Healing in this Sacred Land

In the last nineteen Moons, with intuitive creativity, I have lessened the excuses to embody movement. For example, I’ve shifted from ongoing anxiety and panic attacks to regulating my nervous system and gaining a longer sleep cycle. Yo encuerpo amor propio, by filling my Cántaro, living each day at a rhythm that feels authentic to my experience in a ritualistic way so that I can adapt and expand in gratitude for what is here and now. I can let go of the stories that I perceived as my truths due to the systemic, border, toxic relationships, and intragenerational conditioning rooted in scarcity and victimization.

I am Shedding. I am washing all of these old stories that no longer serve my purpose.

I am deserving of receiving abundantly. I am the Seed and Soil at the same time. I am the Moon and the Sun. I am the Caregiver-Self and Healer-Self of my gardens. I am Whole.

Reconnecting with my Sacred truth in this Winter Season includes decoding the old karmic behavioral patterns and taking responsibility to undo them. I call this act decolonizing my wellbeing. Today in celebration of Winter Solstice I have written this oath/manifestation for my life as I cross this portal for transformative possibilities.

Sacred Prayer

Today in front of my altar. I offer Palo Santo, a beautiful cup of Café, a green plant, and a Candle to the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of Pachamama in gratitude for all the teachings, partnerships, moments of grief, loss, joy, and calm that I’ve received throughout this year. I offer gratitude for all the Spiritual mirrors that the Universe has weaved with me in my Peregrinaje Sagrado.

The beautiful Seed that I am, this expansive Waters that inhabits this body, constantly reminds me of who I truly am. A full alive Being who embodies joy with the only purpose of connection within and with Mother Earth. Today, one of my intentions is that I go back to playing and building things with mud literally and metaphorically.

These last two years, as humanity we have experienced deep grief, loss, and sorrow individually and collectively. The Waters of Being Human here and now in my perception have been intense at so many levels. Though, I am reconnecting with filling my Cántaro too in the name of our interdependence.

I take a few deep breaths, I am alive.

I feel the expansiveness of my torso, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, and I let go.

I breathe out like a birthing new possibility. In every breath, I feel the powerful energy of Mother Earth sustaining me. In her Belly, my Body, Mind, and Spirit body healed and rebirth Spiritually.

  • What types of islands have you reclaimed mentally to take a long breath?
  • What are the types of spaces you have intentionally created to give you a chance to keep moving even if the waves of life feel too scary?
  • What are the ways you reconnect with your sacred playful True Self?
  • How do you allow the Sacred Waters to Cleanse your Soul here and now?

Floating allows me to be present and in conversation with the Waters of Life. Floating at my own pace, being limitless, being abundant, being powerful. When I used to go swimming, I embodied Cleansing. Floating on my back while contemplating all the lessons of life. We all deserve Cleansing. Limpia. Limpia.

  • How do you let go/Shedd of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore?
  • Do you have old calzones, underwears that no longer serve you?
  • What are other types of pleasurable creative rituals that rooted you in your Sacred Waters growing up?
  • How are you reconnecting with the joyful ways of your inner-child?
  • How are you finding fun new rituals that feed your Soul with joy and peace?

The waters hold my Being. I surrender. This is our ancestral wisdom inviting us to embody our Power here and now.

Sacred Waters of Lake Michigan

Happy Winter Solstice!

Copyright © 2021, Erika Murcia | All Rights Reserved

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