Solstice Celebration & Creative Online Offering

In this photo i am holding the shield of REMATRIAR

Happy Solstice to all of you wherever you are.

I am now in Mesoamerica Soil and it feels beautiful to be here. Solstice here is an embodied creative dance between water and fire. The weather is warm, humid, and rainy, so everything blossoms!

I pray that this is a time for us all to embody our creative fire within at a rhythm that feels genuinely authentic, beyond the caricature versions of what we have been conditioned to embody in ourselves.

For the last nine moons, I’ve been very connected to my own rhythm. I have not posted here because I’ve been writing in many beautiful ways that demanded my attention expansively.

I want to share a few powerful lessons from this time.

Do you feel called to AWAKEN to your Ancestral Creative Storytelling? 

During this Solstice of June 2022, I launched my first ONLINE offering. The Rematriar: Introduction to Poetic Writing Program. Humans from races, genders, sexual orientations, immigration statuses, & lineages ARE WELCOME here!

I am Resignifying Poetic Writing as the embodiment of a sacred journey that includes: dreaming, birthing, breastfeeding, and shedding creative stages to reclaim wellbeing in body, mind & Spirit. Poetic Writing here means embodying creative self-expression through introspective reflection guided by Seasons Medicine.

Walking intentionally on our Pilgrimage on Earth Mother is a sacred discipline rooted in a sense of spiritual abundance. Ancestral Winds call us to AWAKEN to an expansive perception.

I’ve created the REMATRIAR Program to support you in your journey to begin, deepen, and strengthen your creative Praxis.

Reclaiming connection to the Self in Body, Mind & Spirit is Sacred. It also asks for spaciousness, compassion, and loving patience. Ancestral Winds call us to be PRESENT in all the small ordinary experiences of life.  

One way I have been reclaiming connection to the Self during these past Seasons is eating my foods at a pace that is authentic to me and choosing the company of my plant relatives.

In this embodied creative journey, I’ve contemplated the Poetics, the Storytelling, the Myths of Grandmother Mountains in the Navajo Desert, in the Tropical Forest of Nahuatl-Pipil, Lenca, and Mayan Soils, and the Poetry of mother Volcano in Mesoamerican Indigenous Land.

Their narratives have a common language. That of the Sacred Feminine energies in AWAKENING. That of the mysteries that expressed their teachings in the Subtle…the Wild. 

In these nine moons of co-gestation and co-creation with the Cosmos & Earth Mother, I’ve observed with Curiosity the dialogues between Grandmother Sea & the Cloud Peoples, which are in constant conversation with the Sacred Rivers. The Heart of Waters has been a mirror of Creative Flow, Fertility & Abundance! There is an ongoing life-death-rebirth cycle that is calling us all to AWAKEN. One of my most authentic creative self-expressions is writing poetry. I hope the Medicinas I carry in my delantal bring you joy.

What is one of your most authentic creative self-expression?

Here are videos with free teachings:

Happy Solstice and I pray that we continue to light our most genuine inner creative fire. 

In ancestral gratitude, erika murcia
Ritual: The altar I prepared as part of día de la cruz sagrada celebrations!

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