About Erika Murcia

I support people to feel more connected, find nourishment and reclaim their creative power through embodied practices.

I am a global Medicine Woman, facilitator of a decolonizing healing praxis, I am passionate about building interdependent communities. I honor the ancestral wisdom and traditions of my lineages rooted in Indigenous and multiracial Mesoamerican, European and global ancestry.

I create and facilitate healing programs through embodied ancestral practices. If you work with me:

  • You will feel more connected with yourself and with your loved ones,
  • You will better be able to find emotional nourishment,
  • And Reclaim your creative and intuitive power

Email me at sanadora.practica.creativa@gmail.com so that we can schedule a free initial consultation to determine if my guidance is what you are looking for.

My experience

I earned a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Michigan, where I had the honor to be 

  • a Community-Based Initiative (CBI) Scholar 
  • a recipient of the Center for the Education of Women+ Scholarship  

I graduated with a Bachelor’s in International Relations from the University of El Salvador. I’ve  worked in the nonprofit management for most of my professional career as regional director, project coordinator, facilitator, fundraiser, and educator. 

  • I worked extensively in various countries in the Americas, including Nicaragua, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Colombia and the U.S. In these roles, I supported folx who were reclaiming space to undo sexism and living in extreme poverty, mobilizing resources and providing technical, economic, and educational assistance for their grassroots organizations and communities. 
  • During this time, I realized that nonprofit organizations enact a continuum of colonial thinking patterns that maintain and reinforce hegemonic structures of marginalization by “replicating” projects with neo-colonial development indicators. These colonial thinking patterns can become a barrier to social change because many nonprofit organizations overlook the historical context and cultural values of the communities where they impose their work. 

I believe that alternative approaches to interventions at the grassroots level must be community-centered, bottom-up approaches, meaning that the standpoint of community members should be the basis for any sustainable programming.

During this time I was guided by spiritual mentors from my own community. They helped me explore the creative power within me and to find transformative healing through reconnecting with my inner voice as Indigenous woman. I was allowed to reclaim love, pleasure, and collectives as the center of my work and life. And this guidance was to pass it along with those who cross my paths.

For more than a decade I’ve supported scholars as a research assistant & interpreter. Two of these projects are:

My journey

↝ I was born in a refugee camp in Honduras, then raised in a rural area in Chalatenango, El Salvador, a mountainous region considered by my ancestors to be a blessed land protected by Serpents, our spiritual guide animal.

↝ I have always connected with my ancestors through powerful dreams. Serpents have the ability to be rooted in the land. In Indigenous cultures in Central America, they represent fertility and power. My empathetic and intuitive Spirit was awakening to the interconnections of everything since then. 

↝ Mama and mamita taught me the values of living in community, and the powerful healing connection in growing our own food. 

↝ Mama was a powerful community organizer, poet, and Spiritual Medicine Woman. She balanced her work as a single mother and her passion to support her community’s healing from trauma, violence, and poverty. She gave me the trust, freedom, and courage to pursue change and transformation. 

↝ During my early teens, I struggled with recognizing my medicine and power. I had assimilated into the idea that being Indigenous, brown, impoverished, and a woman was equal to being a “victim” with no voice. Since then I have been reclaiming space and embodying my Power and Medicine. In order to reconnect with my own power, I did a lot of introspection, reflection and dialogue with my growing global communities. My praxis is understanding oppressive systems and power dynamics in different contexts and utilize my Medicine Spiritual Power in finding ways to change the roots of injustice. 

↝ My exposure to diverse stories, perspectives, cultures, traditions, collectives, and realities has expanded my passions for Change and Healing at all levels. Experiencing the Death of my family matriarchs has been a process to re-center myself and prioritize my Creative power. This will guide me to support folxs in their healing journeys as part of social justice work.

↝ Growing up I enjoyed exploring the worlds around me. I was welcomed into conversations very easily as I longed for deep connections and I was interested to learn what were the things my friends/peers felt brought the most exhilarating joy to them. I loved feeling a deeper understanding of what their struggles and solutions were, but most importantly, I loved to observe their different thoughts and learning processes. 

↝ I am also a bookworm, reading out of curiosity, for fun, for pleasure, and for healing. As a critical reader, I have learned to question everything that unconscious patriarchy & whiteness have erroneously created such as violence and stereotypes/stigma toward Black and Brown bodies/communities.

When working with me you will feel

  • Greater connection
  • Clearer prioritization
  • Nourished creatively

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